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Expert Profile: Chuck and Sue DeFiore

Chuck and Sue DeFiore are the founders and principals of DeFiore Enterprises. DeFiore Enterprises is comprised of the following divisions: Home Business Consulting, Real Estate Investments, Publishing and Coaching.

Chuck and Sue DeFiore are investors, consultants, and coach/mentors. They specialize in two areas. The first, a niche of Creative Real Estate known as Lease Purchasing; the other, in the establishment of home-based businesses. Through their consultations and investments in Lease Purchasing, they help sellers move their property in 30 days or less; and help buyers get into their dream home today, that they can buy tomorrow. Chuck and Sue are active both locally and nationally.

They are the authors of "Who Makes It Happen, We Do: Back On The Road To Success With Creative Real Estate", and "The Anatomy Of The Deal Series: The Co-Operative Strategy: How You Can Generate Quick Cash Flow In The Creative Real Estate Niche Of Lease Purchasing" and "The Anatomy Of The Deal: Consulting Your Way To A Six Figure Income In Creative Real Estate".

They have published numerous articles on lease purchasing and have five extraordinary manuals, considered to be the most complete in the industry. In addition, they have produced tapes sets on Lease Purchasing, Home-Based Businesses and their extraordinary Expert Tape Series.

They have developed a revolutionary coaching program. The Partnering For Your Success coaching program is geared towards those folks who want or need to change their financial situation. This is a unique program where you work with Chuck and Sue for one full year. It has a low initial cost and together they share in your success.

They are renowned innovators for the home-based business market, through their newsletter, Home Business Solutions, and their support group. They have coached individuals in business start up and all facets of home office development.

They have written numerous articles on operating a home-based business, and have been written about in New Business Opportunities Magazine, Small Business Opportunities Magazine and Income Opportunities Magazine to mention a few.

Chuck and Sue’s motto is "Who Makes It Happen, We Do". They have taken the experiences learned from their successes and yes, their failures and applied that to their consulting and coaching business.

Chuck and Sue will work with you on a one on one basis to help you reach your potential and achieve the success you deserve. They believe in "Who Makes It Happen, You Do".

The DeFiore’s currently reside in Fresno, CA where they operate a successful Lease Purchasing and consulting business.

Visit Our Website: Home Business Solutions

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